Jan. 19th, 2009

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i woke up this morning to shadow (the cat) licking my teeth and purring like an outboard motor in a fit of touching but deeply misguided affection. this was not only a fairly gross way to start my day, but also represented a major setback in my efforts to teach her about what constitutes normal and appropriate amounts of love, (a subject to which we are constantly returning).

after brushing my teeth i immediately stepped squarely into a little pile of barf, stubbed my toe badly when recoiling from it, and then sneezed all over the clean dishes in the drying rack. suffice it to say, my day started off in a somewhat less than ideal manner, and was augmented by kira (the cat) mewling incessantly at me in a manner that might suggest i had threatened to put her in an orphanage for bad cats.

what with this being a day that i took off work, i committed to shaking off the cranky and took myself for a long walk on the river, followed by a long sit in the pleasant and quiet little coffee shop in wolseley where i drank enough coffee to give me the mild shakes. (incidentally, despite it being the middle of january, a significant swath of wolseley still improbably managed to reek of citronella. how is this accomplished?)

the weekend in general was filled with news of the heartening variety, (my friend jen is moving back to town for a job; corine is going to be moving up the street; etc), activities of the fun variety (namely art's birthday), and weather of the maybe-we-won't-collectively-all-kill-ourselves-after-all variety. the weather having been -50C/-58F on more than one occasion last week, and colder than -20C/-4F for 41 of the 45 days preceding friday, the sudden spiral up to 0C/32F seemed heaven-sent.

now with the long, last stretches of winter splayed out before me, i guess i should start thinking about which of my lingering tasks to attend to, (insulating the basement, i guess?), in an effort to stave off the worst of the cabin fever. who's with me?


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